Sweet buns from braided sweet bread

Sweet buns from braided sweet bread


Quick dinner for children but also a delicasy for adults.


No. of servings

Ready in

20 min.




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Christmas bread recipe 10.5 oz (300 g)

Cut the braided sweet bread into small cubes.

2. Vanilla cream

semi skimmed milk 1,5% 2.1 cup (500 ml)  vanilla sugar 0.75 oz (20 g)  sugar granulated 2 tbsp  corn starch 1 oz (30 g)

Bring 4 dl of milk and both sugars to a boil. Mix vanilla pudding in 1 dl of milk and pour this mixture into boiling milk. Boil and let cool to the consumable temperature.

Vanilla cream


Put a sliced braided sweet bread on a plate and pour it over with thin vanilla pudding.

Bon appetit!

Christmas bread recipe10.5oz300grams
corn starch1oz30grams
semi skimmed milk 1,5%2.1cup½litre
sugar granulated2tbsp2tablespoon
vanilla sugar0.75oz20grams


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