Cabbage bread

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Favorite classic: cabbage sauce with stewed pork. Serve with fresh bread.
You will certainly love delicious stuffed cabbage leaves (ground doves) and their not easy preparation will be appreciated by all consumers. Serve with fresh bread.
cabbage soup - soup from sauerkraut is served with bread, Christmas cake and to taste you can add sour cream on a plate. It is tasty in winter time such as in hot summer, therefore cook it more often not just for Christmas.
A popular Szeged goulash, this time with beef and lots of cream. Serve with dumplings or bread. As you like it:) ... you will definitely enjoy it all! We recommend using sauerkraut with wine, it is delicious!
Great cabbage koftas inspired in Indian cuisine. Serve with vegetable side dish, rice or bread.
Home-made is the best. Eat it for breakfast through the year and with a cabbage soup on Christmas. Also known as Challah bread.
8 liter pot of the finest cabbage soup, 18 servings for the whole big family or friends. Serve with fresh bread and with a scoop of sour cream per serving.

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