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Traditional recipe for the best strudel, as our grandmother learned it from her grandmother. Ingredients for the dough are suitable for two strudels from a kilo of flour. You can make poppyseed one and other cream cheese or apple one.
When you stricken with irresistible appetite for sweets, after good sunday lunch, prepare this easy and fast strudel.
Traditional recipe for the best strudel as our grandmother was learnt from her grandmother. Ingredients for dough are for making of two strudels from a kilogram of flour. You can make one popy seed and second e.g. cream cheese or apple.
Juicy strudel full of tasty sweet pears.
Recipe for easy and quite fast preparation of homemade puff pastry strudel.
Recipe for a favorite apple-cream cheese strudel from puff pastry enriched with dry plums.
Excellent juicy strudel filled with grated pumpkin, nectarines and cream cheese.
Large salty strudel from the yeast dough full of tasty ingredients.
A pie with everything that favorite strudel contains. The cake is simply prepared from the puff pastry without rolling.
Quick version of the classic dessert made of soft puff pastry.
Preparation of easy strudels from puff pastry.
A quick cake for Sunday afternoon, from puff pastry, favorite apples and cream curd.
Delicious and juicy double strudel.
Excellent juicy plum strudel for ordinary and festive days too.
With this recipe you will prepare a delicious dessert with cherries, cream and mascarpone.
Recipe for the preparation of tasty cake from puff pastry with four fillings. From one dough you make one smaller cake so we recommend to bake at least two. :)


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