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Spicy perkelt for everyone who loves beef tripes, thickened only with onion on which it is cooked.
Good recipe for Sunday lunch. It is with using yogurt instead of whipping cream. Tastes the same.
Simple dumplings from flour and water, great as a side dish to perkelt and paprikash. They can also be served as an individual meal - sweet with poppy seeds and sugar ... or salty with cream cheese and fried bacon.
It is suitable as a side dish to gulash, perkelt or sauces. Also suitable as a separate sweet dish with poppy seeds and sugar, or as salt dish with bryndza and bacon.
Recipe for a vegetarian alternative of perkelt. Oyster mushroom is a rich source of natural vitamins and minerals, it contains vitamins B, D, C, K, but also proteins. Serve with steamed dumplings, pasta or dumplings.


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