Preserved cucumbers

Preserved cucumbers

Homemade sweet and sour pickled cucumbers. Cucumbers are suitable for consumption already a month after preserving. From the mentioned amount of cucumbers (about 10 cm long) you get approximately 25 pieces of seven-decilitre bottles.

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No. of servings

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pickled cucumber (gherkin)0lb10
pickling mixture for vegetables10.5oz300grams
sugar granulated1.3lb600grams



1. Preparation of the pickle

water 1.4 gallon (5250 ml)  pickling mixture for vegetables 10.5 oz (300 g)  sugar granulated 1.3 lb (600 g)  vinegar 1.6 quart (1500 ml)

Bring water, lpickling mixture, sugar, vinegar to a boil in a pot and cook for 5 minutes. Let the pickle cool. If you don't have a pot that is big enough to cook the whole pickle, you can cook it twice. The fastest way to cool the pickle is in a cold water bath.

2. Preparation of preserving bottles

Wash the bottles and caps.

3. Preparation of cucumbers

pickled cucumber (gherkin)

Wash the cucumbers well under running water. Put the clean ones as tightly as possible into the bottles. For preserving use different sizes of cucumbers (5-10 cm). Depending on the size, cucumbers can be placed whole or cutted lengthwise (larger 10-11 cm cucumbers). If necessary, you can also cut the cucumbers in half lengthwise (for about 10-11 cm big cucumbers). With this halves, you can fill the space above the larger cucumbers, which you placed whole. You can also combine whole cucumbers with cucumbers cutted lengthwise.

4. Preserving of cucumbers

Pour the cooled pickle over the cucumbers in the bottles. Pour about 1 cm below the edge of the preserving bottle. Close the glasses with caps...


... and sterilize in a sterilization pot at a temperature of 725°F (385°C)F (385°F (385°F (195°C)C))F (385°F (195°C)F (195°F (90°C))) for 5 minutes. Carefully remove the hot glasses from the pot, wrap them in a blanket and let cool in it. After each sterilization, pour off part of the hot water from the sterilization pot and pour cold water into the pot. Sterilize all bottles.

Bon appetit!

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