Pickled beetroot - beet with horseradish


Beetroot is one of the most healing types of food. It can be prepared in a very tasty and easy to digest way. Pickled beetroot with horseradish is a suitable complement to meat dishes.


No. of servings

Ready in





Crushed cumin2teaspoon
Horseradish - fresh100g
Sugar granulated2tablespoon

1. Preparation of beetroot

beetroot 3.5 kg

Wash beetroot and remove the roots and stems with a knife. Put it in cold water and cook until it is tender. Pour out the water and let beets cool. Then peel and grate it into thicker pieces.

Preparation of beetroot

2. Preparing horseradish

horseradish - fresh 3.5 oz (100 g)  water ½ l  vinegar 60 l  salt 2 tsp  crushed cumin 2 tsp  sugar granulated 2 tbsp

Clean horseradish and grate it as quickly as possible. When grated, horseradish releases strong aromas that irritate the eyes and respiratory system. Add it to the grated beets and mix it. Pour water and vinegar, add salt, sugar and cumin. Mix thoroughly and when needed, increase the amount of some of the ingredients.

Preparing horseradish

3. Filling the cans

Fill the mixture of beetroot and horseradish into small (370 ml) jars. We fill it about 2.5 cm below the surface of the glass. After filling all the glasses, pour the liquid that remained in the container where we had beetroot with horseradish and other ingredients.

Filling the cans

4. Jar sterilization

Bon appetit!


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