Cottage Lángos

Cottage Lángos


The most delicious and crunchy langos, prepared on wood at an outdoor fireplace. We offer the recipe for their preparation with the most exact steps :)

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whole milk 3.5% ¾ cup (200 ml)  all-purpose flour / plain flour 1 tsp  sugar granulated 0.5 tsp  fresh yeast 1.5 oz (42 g)

Prepare yeast from warm milk, flour, sugar and yeast.


all-purpose flour / plain flour  chicken egg 1 pc  sour cream (10% fat) 8.75 oz (250 g)  sea salt 1.5 tsp  whole milk 3.5% 1.3 cup (300 ml)

Put flour into the bowl, add eggs, cream, salt, lukewarm milk and prepared yeast.


Knead the dough so that it sticks off the walls of the bowl in which it is kneaded. Cover the dough and let it rise in a warm place.


Create small pieces from the dough, which you let rise on the floured board for 10 minutes.


oil for frying

The cook has prepared the dough and now needs two helpers. The first helper prepares a fire, a larger pan, which will be forever used on an open fire (if he does not want to clean it after) and heats the oil in the pan. He continues to take care of the fire, while in the corner of the fire place he prepares another fire, from which he gradually takes the burning wood and puts it under the pan.


When the oil is hot enough, the cook spreads a piece of the dough in his hands.


all-purpose flour / plain flour

It is best to place a small langos on a tray with some flour. After a while, he takes it and spreads langos in bigger size in his hands...


... and here comes the first helper, who takes the pan from the fire with his hand in a fireproof glove. Cook puts langos in it, with the important assistance of a second helper-who even the langos with forks. The first helper puts the pan on the fire ... and everyone happily watches preparation of langos :)


The second helper with two forks, with the assistance of the first helper, turns the langos and fries it from the other side. The cook does not help to helpers, he just quickly prepares next langos from the dough.


The second and first helper work together to remove the fried langos from the oil, let the excess oil drip into the pan ... the second helper puts the finished langos on top of each other. And so it continues relatively quickly until all langos are fried.


garlic 6 cloves  sea salt 1 tsp  water 4 tbsp  sour cream (10% fat)  semi-hard cheese with 45% fat  ketchup

The third helper cleans the garlic and presses it into the bowl. He adds salt, lukewarm water and stirs. The fourth one mixes the cream. The fifth grates the cheese. The sixth helper brings ketchup ... and the dog is around :)


Serve langos with garlic, cream, grated cheese, ketchup ... and other ingredients to taste. And just according to their taste, everyone can prepare their own lanogs :)



Bon appetit!


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