Dobosch cuts



No. of servings


Ready in

45 min.





all-purpose flour / plain flour1.5lb700grams
all-purpose flour / plain flour4tbsp4tablespoon
baking powder for gingerbread0.75oz18grams
chicken egg3pcs3pieces
chocolate topping0ozgram
cocoa powder3.25oz90grams
powdered sugar10.5oz300grams
semi skimmed milk 1,5%10tbsp150milliliters
semi skimmed milk 1,5%1.05quart1litre
sugar granulated5.25oz150grams
unsalted butter10.5oz300grams
vanilla pudding - powder2pcs2pieces
vanilla sugar0.5oz12grams

1. Preparing of dough

all-purpose flour / plain flour 1.5 lb (700 g)  chicken egg 3 pcs  powdered sugar 10.5 oz (300 g)  unsalted butter 1.75 oz (50 g)  baking powder for gingerbread 0.75 oz (18 g)  semi skimmed milk 1,5% 10 tbsp (150 ml)

Wisk flour with eggs, powdered sugar, butter and baking-powder. Gradually add milk and knead the ingredients into a dough.

Preparing of dough


Divide the dough into six parts. Roll out each part and cook them separately on baking tray covered with parchment paper. Bake the dough for about 5 minutes at 735°F (390°C)F (390°F (200°C)). The dough is ready when the edges begin to get brown colour. The dough has to stay light.


semi skimmed milk 1,5% 1.05 quart (1000 ml)  sugar granulated 5.25 oz (150 g)  vanilla sugar 0.5 oz (12 g)  all-purpose flour / plain flour 4 tbsp  vanilla pudding - powder 2 pcs

Cover the 5 backed layers with a custard filling. Prepare it by adding puding, sugar and flour to a boiling milk. Boil it till a thick pudding is formed.


unsalted butter 8.75 oz (250 g)

Add a butter into the cooled off pudding.


cocoa powder 3.25 oz (90 g)

Add cocoa and with electric mixer whip a very dense filling.


With this filling we cover all 5 layers and the sixth one will go uncovered on the top. Put a weight on the cuts and allow them to rest for 12 hours in cold. The dough absorbs the filling very smoothly so that it becomes soft.


chocolate topping

After 12 hours top them with a chocolate layer.

Bon appetit!


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