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Easy cake, children love it.
Excellent salty cake, suitable not just as a delicacy for the party.
Refreshing summer cake, lightly flavoured with sour cream and with fresh strawberries.
Delicious easy pancakes high in fiber due to added rolled oats. Serve with fresh vegetable salad and tartar sauce.
Excellent jelly roll from sponge cake filled with refreshing cream cheese and blueberries.
No bake jelly roll with cooked Parisian cream filling. cake is just for adults since it contains alcohol.
Favorite cake from raised yoghurt dough, every child and adult will enjoy it.
Easy and delicious roll from sponge cake.
A pie with everything that favorite strudel contains. The cake is simply prepared from the puff pastry without rolling.
Tasty homemade "nutella" for children for breakfast. Serve spread on rolls, fresh bread or braided sweet bread. You can also use it to prepare cakes or desserts.

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