Pork Liver with Onion

Pork Liver with Onion


Excellent delicacy of classic cuisine which have been disappeared from menus in deluge of contemporary recipes and as result of different "cons".


No. of servings


Ready in

25 min.





1. Preparation of liver

pork liver 14 oz (400 g)

Wash fresh liver and remove all firm parts - membranes and channels, by light cutting and pulling away. Cut into the slices and strips cca 0,5 cm thick.

Preparation of liver

2. Onion

onion 4 pcs

Peel the larger onions, cut into the halves and chop into the thin half moon slices. Heat the oil in the skillet, add onion and saute for a while.


3. Searing of liver on onion

ground red paprika 1 tsp  water 4 tbsp

Add liver into the fried onion, stir several times, until liver whitened. Add paprika and pour in a little water. Steam under the lid for 10 minutes. Then uncover and stirring constantly cook for 5 minutes.

Searing of liver on onion


Notice! Do not salt the liver during the preparation because it would harden. Every eater will season with salt to taste during serving. It tastes the best with fresh bread. You can serve it with boiled potatoes.

Bon appetit!

ground red paprika1tsp1teaspoon
pork liver14oz400grams


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