Roasted Pork Knuckle

Roasted Pork Knuckle


Delicacy full of collagen.


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grill seasoning2tsp2teaspoon
ground red paprika2tsp2teaspoon
honey 2tsp2teaspoon
hot ketchup6tbsp6tablespoon
pork knuckle5pcs5pieces

1. Preparation of pork knees

pork knuckle 5 pcs

Wash the pork knuckles and with the knife, due to needs, lightly scrape over the skin surface, potentional bigger defects - more hair on the skin, with knife you can cut off this part in a thin layer.

Preparation of pork knees

2. Cooking of knuckles

Put knuckles into the cold water, add salt and cook cca for 2 hours. When using pressure pot cook for 40 minutes.

Cooking of knuckles

3. Boning

Take the knuckles out of the pot, let it cool for half an hour and carefully bone it.


4. Marinade

honey  2 tsp  hot ketchup 6 tbsp  grill seasoning 2 tsp  ground red paprika 2 tsp  garlic 8  salt 2 tsp

Place knuckles on the roasting dish and brush with the marinade. Prepare the marinade by mixing of mentioned ingredients. Pour in the stock and let the knuckles rest in a cold place until the next day.


5. Baking

On the next day cca an hour before serving, uncovered roast it sharply for 45 minutes at highest level in the oven. Due to need, pour in the stock.


6. Serving

Serve with the fresh bread, chilli, sterilised gherkins, mustard and horseradish. Enjoy the meal!


Bon appetit!


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