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Crispy Christmas cookies in the shape of hedgehogs, filled with dried plums, dipped in chocolate and coated in coconut. Children will be very happy during the preparation, so have fun while baking. Thanks to the inserted plum, the hedgehogs are big ...
Small crunchy cookies with walnut egg whites snow, favorite delicacy for your holiday table.
Simple and healthy biscuit served in the summer with coffee or on Christmas. If you use brown sugar, cookies will taste more like caramel. We can change the flavor with cocoa, cinnamon, or add raisins and nuts.
Crispy Christmas cookies with ginger are hard after baking. It is necessary to let them rest in a closed tin for at least a week. During that time, they will soften.
Crispy poppy seed cookies with tasty rum and sour cherry jam.
Recipe for healthy apple cookies, full of energy.
Traditional, favorite, fragile shortbread cookies with vanilla flavor, stuck with damson cheese with cinnamon, and you will love them immediately.

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