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Quick and simple poppy seed cake with plum jam.
Crispy poppy seed cookies with tasty rum and sour cherry jam.
A traditional recipe for fine cream curd rolls sprinkled with poppy seeds with sugar and poured with butter.
Mazanec with poppy seed filling.
Favourite homemade noodles with a lot of poppy seeds.
Soft rings with surprising taste.
Tasty dessert with poppy seeds. Its simple preparation is a guarantee that every cook succeed.
Recipe for potatoes dumplings, sprinkled with ground poppy seeds with sugar and poured with melted butter.
Delicate cake with juicy filling full of healthy ingredients.
Quick version of the classic dessert made of soft puff pastry.
A pie with everything that favorite strudel contains. The cake is simply prepared from the puff pastry without rolling.
Tasty and crunchy holiday pastries.
Tasty dessert made of biscuits and popular mascarpone. For more fantastic taste, we recommend decorating with fruit in jelly.
Tasty dessert with soft and fluffy caramel cream.
Preparation of easy strudels from puff pastry.
Tasty and nutritious cake without flour. It goes well with tea and coffee and tastes great served with whipped cream. Then it's not so healthy, is it?
Delicious and juicy double strudel.
Cake from soft buttery dough with cream cheese - poppy seed filling.
Bobáľky (little rolls) are the most popular with poppies. Because the dish is relatively filling, the prepared amount should be enough for the 4 portions. If it seems too little, feel free to double the amount of ingredients.


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