Cannelloni with Meat Filling

Cannelloni with Meat Filling


Simple preparation of meal of excellent italian cuisine.


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1. Onion - pepper base

sunflower oil 2 tbsp (30 ml)  onion 5.25 oz (150 g)  paprika 2.75 oz (75 g)  salt 1.5 tsp

Peel the onion and finely chop it. In a deeper pan fry in oil. Add finely chopped pepper, salt and steam for a while.

Onion - pepper base

2. Meat

minced pork meat 2.2 lb (1000 g)  ground black pepper 0.5 tsp  semi hard cheese 5.25 oz (150 g)

Add minced meat into the pan, ground black pepper and saute for 10 minutes stirring permanently. Let the mixture cool down so it is not hot when you touch it. Blend grated cheese into the cooled mixture.


3. Sauce preparation

tomato paste 3 cup (700 ml)  water ¾ cup (200 ml)  salt 1 tsp  basil 1 tsp  ground garlic 1 tsp  ground black pepper 0.5 tsp

Add water, salt, basil, garlic powder and ground black pepper into the thick tomato sauce. Blend it.

Sauce preparation

4. Filling the cannelloni

pasta - Cannelloni 10.5 oz (300 g)

Simply with the fingers fill dry pasta tubes - Cannelloni with meat mixture. Hold the cannelloni in one hand so that fingers are closing an opening and with the other hand's fingers gently push the meat mixture in.

Filling the cannelloni


Pour one third of prepared sauce into the tray and place filled tubes onto it.


When the bottom of tray is covered, pour second third of sauce over the content and place other level. Height of the resulting meal depends on type of used baking tray. Pour last third of sauce over the last level of cannelloni. Bake covered in oven at medium temperature level for 45-60 minutes. It its recommended to put bigger tray under the baking tray because it might happen that juice pour out during the baking.


semi hard cheese 3.5 oz (100 g)

After 45 minutes, sprinkle the top of meal with grated cheese and bake uncovered for 5 minutes.

Bon appetit!

ground black pepper1tsp1teaspoon
ground garlic1tsp1teaspoon
minced pork meat2.2lb1000grams
pasta - Cannelloni10.5oz300grams
semi hard cheese8.75oz250grams
sunflower oil2tbsp30milliliters
tomato paste3cup700milliliters


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