Chocolate Bundt Cake with Cream Cheese

Chocolate Bundt Cake with Cream Cheese


Rich and a tasty bundt cake for many gluttons.


No. of servings


Ready in

60 min.




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1. Cream cheese filling

cream curd 1.1 lb (500 g)  vanilla sugar 0.25 oz (10 g)  powdered sugar 2.5 oz (70 g)  candied fruits 5.25 oz (150 g)  chicken egg 2 pcs

Mix cream cheese with sugars, eggs and candied fruits. Fill a small plastic bag.

Cream cheese filling

2. Cocoa dough

flour medium 12.25 oz (350 g)  baking powder for gingerbread 0.25 oz (8 g)  sugar granulated 2.75 oz (80 g)  cocoa powder 1 oz (30 g)  semi skimmed milk 1,5% 1.1 cup (250 ml)  sunflower oil 6.75 tbsp (100 ml)  chicken egg 2 pcs

Pour in a bowl all the listed ingredients and whisk well.

Cocoa dough


unsalted butter  flour medium

Grease bundt cake pan (diameter 25 cm) with butter and flour it. Pour the dough in.


Cut a larger hole in the corner of the plastic bag with cream cheese and squeeze the filling in the centre of the bundt cake.


Bake 45 minutes at 355°F (180°C).


powdered sugar

Remove cold bundt cake from the form and sprinkle it with sifted powdered sugar.


For adults, sprinkle the cocoa part of the bundt cake with rum. Then is the bundt cake even more delicious.

Bon appetit!

baking powder for gingerbread0.25oz8grams
candied fruits5.25oz150grams
chicken egg4pcs4pieces
cocoa powder1oz30grams
cream curd1.1lb500grams
flour medium12.25oz350grams
flour medium-
powdered sugar2.5oz70grams
powdered sugar-
semi skimmed milk 1,5%1.1cup250milliliters
sugar granulated2.75oz80grams
sunflower oil6.75tbsp100milliliters
unsalted butter-
vanilla sugar0.25oz10grams


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