Clarified butter

Clarified butter


Ghee - clarified butter is the base of Indian cooking. It has a great aroma and nutty taste. Ghee use many cultures outside India. The proof is, that even our great-grandmothers prepared butter this way and knew little about India :)


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10 min.






unsalted butter 8.75 oz (250 g)

Put the butter in a pot.


Heat slowly and then overcook slowly.


Water evaporates gradually from the butter and clean fat remains. Properly prepared butter has a long shelf life after storage in cold and closed jar. It is suitable for cooking, baking and frying. It can be heated to high temperatures. 1 kg of butter is cooked for 30 minutes and we gain about 800 g of Ghee .

Bon appetit!

unsalted butter8.75oz250grams


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