Holiday apple pie

Holiday apple pie


Delicious juicy cake perfect for holidays. Serve decorated with whipped cream and sprinkled with grated chocolate.


No. of servings

Ready in

1 h. 30 min.





1. Dough preparation

chicken egg 4 pcs  sugar granulated 7 oz (200 g)  sunflower oil 6.75 tbsp (100 ml)  water 6.75 tbsp (100 ml)

Beat whole eggs with sugar, add oil and water and beat again.

Dough preparation


flour medium 7 oz (200 g)  baking powder for gingerbread 0.5 oz (15 g)  unsalted butter  flour medium

Mix flour with baking powder. Pour dry mixture into wet mixture and mix until combined. Grease and flour baking tin, pour the dough in and bake 20 minutes in preheated oven.

3. Apple gruel

apples 2.2 lb (1000 g)

Wash apples, cut into quarters and core them. Use thicker grater to grate them. Do not peel the apples, grate only flesh until you have just skin in your hand.

Apple gruel


water 1.3 cup (300 ml)  Cream powder - vanilla 2.75 oz (80 g)  sugar granulated 3.5 oz (100 g)

Pour water in a pot, stir in vanilla pudding powder and sugar. Add apples. Bring to boil and cook dense gruel while stirring, then let the hot gruel cool.


Spread cool gruel on top of the baked pastry.


Cut into equal pieces, decorate and serve. Store in cold place.

Bon appetit!

Cream powder - vanilla2.75oz80grams
baking powder for gingerbread0.5oz15grams
chicken egg4pcs4pieces
flour medium7oz200grams
sugar granulated10.5oz300grams
sunflower oil6.75tbsp100milliliters
unsalted butter0ozgram


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