Homemade Bread Dumpling in Steamer

Homemade Bread Dumpling in Steamer


How to prepare simple 600 grams dumpling in a steamer


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1 h. 30 min.




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white roll 1 pc  semi skimmed milk 1,5% ¾ cup (200 ml)  all-purpose flour / plain flour 14 oz (400 g)  salt 0.5 tsp  sugar granulated 1 tsp  fresh yeast 0.25 oz (10 g)

Pour warm milk into the kneading bowl, add sugar, salt, pour the flour, cubed bread roll and yeast. Knead all together properly. (If you use fresh yeast, it is suitable to prepare the starter first from warm milk, sugar and 1 tsp fine flour and then pour it into the flour and chopped bread roll)


For this purpose you can use also bread machine and set the program "dough" or similar one declared by manufacturer. Let the dough rise in a bowl for about an hour, when using bread machine it rises according to program.


Take the dough out, form the dumpling, and place into the first steamer insert of which bottom and sides must be greased with the oil. Set steaming time for 30 minutes and steam.

Bon appetit!

all-purpose flour / plain flour14oz400grams
fresh yeast0.25oz10grams
semi skimmed milk 1,5%¾cup200milliliters
sugar granulated1tsp1teaspoon
white roll1pc1piece


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