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Excellent delicacy of classic cuisine which have been disappeared from menus in deluge of contemporary recipes and as result of different "cons".
Favourite pancakes stuffed with tasty hot liver.
Homemade baked pate from chicken livers. Serve the pate as a cold meal. The most tasty is with fresh bread rolls or bread.
"Devilled" saute served with boiled potatoes and spicy chili pepper.
Served with baguettes roasted on butter.
Excellent roast duck with tasty and juicy filling from duck liver.
Recipe for making delicious thin potato "tortillas". It can be served as a side dish to roasted duck or goose, or it filled with salty (duck liver) or sweet (poppy, nuts...) filling. The preparation is simple, but the flour will be everywhere in the ...
Serve them with boiled potatoes and cucumber salad. Great with rice, too.


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