Poppy seed cake

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Quick and simple poppy seed cake with plum jam.
Tasty and nutritious cake without flour. It goes well with tea and coffee and tastes great served with whipped cream. Then it's not so healthy, is it?
Delicate cake with juicy filling full of healthy ingredients.
cake from soft buttery dough with cream cheese - poppy seed filling.
A pie with everything that favorite strudel contains. The cake is simply prepared from the puff pastry without rolling.
Very tasty, sweet little cakes filled with different kind of filling - curd, poppy, nuts or just a classic jam. To make them takes a bit longer time as long as it is not possible to bake them all at the same time. Otherwise, eating them does not take ...
Tasty cake, quick prepared ... and delicious for everyone!
Traditional Christmas sour cake, generously filled with the popular poppy, walnut, jam and cottage cheese fillings.
Tasty dessert made of biscuits and popular mascarpone. For more fantastic taste, we recommend decorating with fruit in jelly.
Tasty balls full of vitamins and minerals. Very suitable for a healthy Christmas sweets eating.
Easy and fast prepared tasty cakes.
Favorite rice pudding, this time with all the Christmas flavors.
Recipe for the preparation of tasty cake from puff pastry with four fillings. From one dough you make one smaller cake so we recommend to bake at least two. :)

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