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Simple prep of tasty milk rise. Homemade one is much cheaper and you get it more in comparison to product from the shop.
Steamed creamy rise softened with double cream. Suitable as a side dish for fried and grilled meat and vegetable.
Salmon is favourite for its excellent taste, juicy tender meat and rich nutritional values. In addition its prep is not difficult and also cook-beginner can surprise.
Classic chicken schnitzels are served with mash potato, potato salad, rise.... or just with bread and gherkin.
Light dietetic chicken meal, suitable not just for people who mind their look in the mirror :) Serve with dollop of rise and with heap of vegetable salad.
Serve with boiled potatoes, or rise, according to taste also with fresh vegetable salad.
Easy and quick salad, when the sun rises and we have no time to cook.
Surprise your darling on Valentine's day by baking this easy and delicious vanilla and strawberry cake. It is easy even for beginners. :-)

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