Whole-Grain Doughnuts

Whole-Grain Doughnuts


These doughnuts do not absorb any oil when you fry them. The best doughnuts are fresh with strawberry jam or just coated in sugar.

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No. of servings


Ready in

1 h. 20 min.






1. Preparation of the dough for doughnuts

semi skimmed milk 1,5% 1.7 cup (400 ml)  fresh yeast 1.5 oz (42 g)  sugar granulated 2 tbsp  flour medium 14 oz (400 g)  wholemeal flour 12.25 oz (350 g)  chicken egg 2 pcs  unsalted butter 1 oz (30 g)  rum 4 tbsp

Slightly heat milk, add crumbled fresh yeast, sugar and about 1 teaspoon of measured flour. Prepare leaven. Pour both flours into a bowl, add leaven, eggs, melted butter and rum. Knead well and allow it to rise for about 30 minutes in the warm place, covered.

Preparation of the dough for doughnuts


When do dough has risen enough, flour the board and use a rolling pin to spread the dough evenly unless it is about 1,5 cm thick.

3. Cutting out the doughnuts

Use a cup or a bigger glass and cut out doughnuts from the dough. Use your finger to make a hole in each doughnut.

Cutting out the doughnuts

4. Frying of doughnuts

cooking oil  sunflower oil

Heat oil in a pan and place doughnuts in. Always the side with hole first. Fry, turn them around and fry on the other side. Remove them and put on a plate.

Frying of doughnuts


powdered sugar  vanilla sugar

Mix powdered sugar with vanilla sugar and coat warm, but not hot doughnuts.


strawberry jam  fruit jam

Serve with strawberry or some other jam in the hole. They are delicious even without jam, only coated in sugar. We will prepare about 30 pieces of doughnuts from the listed ratio.

Bon appetit!


chicken egg2pcs2pieces
cooking oil0tsplitre
flour medium14oz400grams
fresh yeast1.5oz42grams
fruit jam-pcpiece
powdered sugar0ozgram
semi skimmed milk 1,5%1.7cup400milliliters
strawberry jam0ozgram
sugar granulated2tbsp2tablespoon
sunflower oil0tsplitre
unsalted butter1oz30grams
vanilla sugar0ozgram
wholemeal flour12.25oz350grams


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