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Traditional slovak meal with unique flavour, high energy value and positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract.
Quick crunchy pastries for late announced visit.
Tasty mini trdelnik inspired by traditional favorite Skalica trdelnik.
Classic delicacy :) of slovak school refectories. Serve with gherkin.
Traditional slovak main dish great for serving to family during holidays.
Taste of the slovak tradition.
Favourite salty flat bread from bryndza and onion.
slovak sheep cheese cake from puff pastry with flavored filling from sheep cheese and sour cream.
Recipe for braised pork meat on fresh mushrooms. Matching side dish with this meal is rice, tarhona (slovak type of pasta shaped into small balls) or mashed potatoes.
Bobáľky... a traditional slovak Christmas dish. They are often served with poppy seeds, nuts, cream curd ... but they are delicous also wih bryndza cheese or cabbage. Their name and the way, how you serve them vary by region. From this amount you ...
Tasty cake baked for Easter whipping
Traditional food from slovak cuisine. Instead of fat, the dish can be baked in oil and it becomes a vegetarian delicacy.
Delicious salty cake from traditional slovak sheep cheese.
Tasty bryndza sticks great for every party.
Favourite traditional slovak pies with sour cream and bacon. We serve it according to taste sprinkled by chopping chive, chopped dill or fried bulb.
Recipe for slowly stewed lamb meat in the oven, with rosemary and garlic with balsamic reduction.
Bobáľky (little rolls) are the most popular with poppies. Because the dish is relatively filling, the prepared amount should be enough for the 4 portions. If it seems too little, feel free to double the amount of ingredients.
Simply a great side dish for aromatic dill lovers. Can be served with dumplings and a hard boiled egg.


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