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More and more popular cheesecake worldwide with addition of chocolate and hazelnut cream.
Recipe for famous cheesecake made special by fruit whipped cream. cheesecake is prepared in a small tart form with diameter 20 cm, for more people we recommend to use bigger form and duplicate volumes of ingredients.
Recipe for preparing cheesecake - the world famous curd cheese cake.
cheesecake with shortbread base with sweet cream cheese, fruit and whisked egg white baked.
Simple, no-bake dessert for gourmands.
Easy preparation of this delicate cake, you will like it for sure.
Quick and tasty juicy cake. The procedure is very easy: mix one dough in one bowl, the other one in the other bowl, pour the dough on each other, sprinkle with chopped fruit, bake, cool and eat :)
Tasty dessert made of biscuits and popular mascarpone. For more fantastic taste, we recommend decorating with fruit in jelly.


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