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Dry machine biscuit with coconut flavour. Classic delicacy for the Christmas table.
Creamy cuts with rich filling for coffee and coconut lovers.
Sweet dessert from coconut with smooth chocolate cream.
Great Christmas cocoa - coconut cakes.
Unusual dish with coconut flavor inspired by beautiful Caribbean.
Receipt for a dessert with coconut cake base, pudding cream and whipped cream.
Favourite sweet coconut bar not just for couples for Valentines day :) No bake delicacy coloured with fresh beet juice, but you will not detect any beet flavour.
Delicate coconut rounds filled with jam. Rounds are covered with a smooth cream and coated in coconut. Perfect for a Christmas dessert.
A simple, coconut titbit inspired by Indian cuisine.
Recipe for Thai soup Tom Kha Gai with coconut milk and chicken meat.
Tasty mascarpone cream with coconut on a fluffy chocolate base. Really tasty delicacy.
Favourite coconut sweets dipped in chocolate.
coconut bars dipped in chocolate. A tasty, sweet Christmas delicacy.
We bring you traditional recipe for coconut balls, which has two variations. Use leftovers of the cakes when you are baking or prepare them from the crushed sponge finger biscuits.
Tasty small rolls of coconut and dates.
A recipe for tasty, homemade coconut liqueur. Must try!
Recipe for warm Indian lentil dhal with coconut milk (coconut red lenthil dhal). Serve with rice, steamed vegetables, raita, vegetable kofta ... or just with a flatbread. The number of portions depends on the combination with other dishes.
Refreshing summer tart from the seasonal fruit.
Simple non baked delicacy for the weekend guests.


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