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Fantastic honey cake full of fantastic caramel cream with walnuts. Recipe is inspired by a favourite Armenian cake Marlenka and effort and patience expended for its preparation is definitely worthwhile. cake is suitable dessert for festive Christmas ...
Nontraditional honey cakes with the scent of Christmas.
Soft honey cakes with cocoa flavor. honey cakes are tasty without icing, of course they are more beautifully decorated with white icing.
cake with soft simple base and delicious cream cheese filling.
Compendious recipe for the preparation of excellent cake with the honeycake taste.
Delicious tender duck - simple recipe from old times. Serve with mentioned grape sauce and potato pancakes, or with favourite braised cabbage and yeast dumplings.
Juicy pie full of sweet cream curd with apples, on a thin spelt dough with butter.
Gluten-free honey cakes with nuts.
Sweet honey cakes with a delicate rum flavor.
You don't bake a lot for Christmas? Do you bake one day before Christmas Eve? Then we have a simple recipe of immediately soft honey cakes. Christmas cannot be without honey cakes!
Creamy Christmas cakes.
Traditional honeycakes have been baked without fat in the past.
Sweet dinner, but also breakfast, especially during the winter months. Serve with honey, cinnamon and nuts.
Gluten-free Christmas cakes with jam.


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