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Favorite spread from avocado with slightly sour, refreshing taste. The best with fresh pastry with crispy crust.
Delicious breakfast spread worth to spread a really thick layer :)
Traditional egg spread.
Excellent and simple spread from sardines or other fish canned in oil.
Tasty spring spread that taste good to everyone.
spread from yeast, gently mixed with butter.
Tasty spread full of proteins and healthy chive. Serve with fresh whole wheat pastry.
Quick and tasty spread from crab sticks
Healthy spread delicious with white buns and rolls.
Favourite traditional spread. Served with bread or buns and rolls.
Smooth spread with unique taste of smoked fish.
This smooth spread does not have to be served only with bread and pastry. It is fitting even as filling to vegetables, e.g. peppers, tomatoes or cucumber..
A traditional recipe for favourite pork scratching spread.
Strong and healthy spread, specially advisable when you do not expect any visit :)
Tasty spread from tuna canned in its own juice. Great spread for bread and pastries, for breakfast and dinner or as canape or starter.
Version with red radish has similar flavour and it has more interesting colour, but you need to grate it much longer.
Delicious cream with slightly spicy flavor. You can even use some other cheese with blue or green mold instead of Gorgonzola cheese, such as Niva, but grate it first.


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