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sweet dessert from coconut with smooth chocolate cream.
Those mini sweet cakes impress by taste and look as well.
This dessert taste so fantastic that every guest will appreciate it. And most importantly, it is quickly and easily prepared, sweet and creamy.
Favourite sweet coconut bar not just for couples for Valentines day :) No bake delicacy coloured with fresh beet juice, but you will not detect any beet flavour.
coconut bars dipped in chocolate. A tasty, sweet Christmas delicacy.
Non-baked, sweet Christmas delicacy.
Favourite coconut sweets dipped in chocolate.
Sugar-free breakfast porridge. If the sweet taste of bananas is not enough, you can easily pour agave syrup on it, or honey in the winter months.
Quick and easy recipe for sweet coconut balls.
Simple and sweet titbir for feast days.
Favourite, non-baked, not only Christmas delicacy.
Fruit salad with sweet roasted chickpeas in coconut.


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