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Fantastic soft cream cheese filling on favourite bananas and cocoa biscuit, really yammy :)
Soft cake with almond flan, bananas and vanilla custard with whipped cream added.
Favourite classic dessert a little different way.
Easy and quick to prepare, tasty dessert. But it has one mistake - you need to wait few hours to taste it - dessert needs to rest in the refrigerator :)
Cake with bananas, the anti-depressive effect of bananas will elevate your mood.
Healthy, whole grain banana bread from the bread machine.
Receipt for a delicious dessert with bananas and caramel filling.
Easy delicious cookies.
Tasty mini cakes.
Almost raw, healthy cake made of carrots, bananas, nuts, peanuts, coconut ... without flour, sugar, milk, eggs and of course without baking. If you use only pure nuts instead of roasted peanuts, you will create a raw cake and not just almost raw :)
Excellent cake from the gentle pound-caked dough, stuffed with bananas and chocolate cream with sour-cream and chocolate topping.
Delicious cake with delicate cream full of bananas in caramel and favorite whipped cream.
Tasty unbaked cake made of biscuits, with bananas, butter filling and chocolate icing.
An innovative recipe version of classic sweet that will not offend even the most demanding gourment. It's filled with plum jam and dusted with granulated sugar and cinnamon.
Simple and financially friendly preparation of tasty and favourite roulade.
Classics from the milk bar.
Delicate creamy tart with no butter, sugar and flour. It is only full of healthy energy.
Healthy breakfast, full of energy for the whole morning :) without sugar.


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