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Recipe for preparation of delicate Christmas pastry, that will scent the whole house.
Crispy sweet rolls for your Christmas table.
Quick and easy recipe for delicate vanilla rolls coated in sugar.
Tasty small rolls of coconut and dates.
Today we have a tasty vanilla rolls recipe for you. This is not only tasty, but also really fast and easy to prepare.
Delicious, delicate and juicy chicken rolls, stuffed with bacon, dried plums and sauerkraut.
Stuffed cabbage rolls are delicious full lunch. Baked with cheese coating are specially tasty.
Favourite spanish rolls from pork meat prepared in steaming pot.
Stuffed chicken rolls with a light, delicate, milky sauce.
Imaginative and easy meal with healthy vegetables, that is as flattering to your mouth as to the eye.
Recipe for a simplified version of traditional Christmas Eve sweet titbit.
Quick recipe for tasty dinner or lunch from chicken meat and salty Schwarzwald ham.
Delicious crispy dinner.
Recipe for prep of tasty roulade from boneless chicken, suitable for festive events. Recipe is more difficult because of boning of chicken, we are crossing our fingers for all beginners.
Fantastic nets with cinnamon, cocoa and nuts.
Favourite fragile pastry with no leavening.
Soft walnut dessert topped with buttery cream dipped in chocolate topping.
Proven procedure of the preparation of pastry.


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