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Aromatic and healthy garlic bread from breadmaker.
Soft, garlic cheese appetizers. Suitable to colled beer.
Fragrant garlic chicken pieces and tasty grilled vegetables and fries. A complete lunch prepared in an ActiFry fryer using three tablespoons of oil.
Tasty delicacy full of vitamins. Preparation of tomatoes is a simple process, but drying takes some time. We used an electric dryer, which dries evenly, does not boil or bake the tomatoes. Its electricity consumption is relatively low. But the result ...
A simple preparation of a favorite mushroom. Serve with fresh bread.
Tasty side dish for the meat. It is suitable also as an appetizer with cheese garnish. Interesting vegetarian lunch can be composed of this roasted beet with creamed cale.
Easy meatless dinner made from the favourite zucchini. Serve with mashed potatoes or just with bread.
Crunchy fish. Serve with potatoes flavored with butter and parsley.
Delicious grilled meat that tastes best with vegetable salad. Pay special attention to cabbage salad with cheddar, coleslaw cabbage salad and celery fit salad. Look for reliable recipes for their preparation in our recipe book.
Tasty appetizer for all gourmets. Serve with pieces of roasted baguette or bread.
Strong and healthy spread, specially advisable when you do not expect any visit :)
This not really healthiest :) delicacy is the best tasty when sliced on the fresh bread brushed with mustard.

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