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Recipe for preparing of traditional white Sour Cream potato Soup. You will manage to cook the soup so easily as my mother, grandmother, great grandmother...
Meal where you can use smoked meat left from holidays.
Light and dietary mash potato.
Delicious potato salad without eggs.
Recipe for making delicious thin potato "tortillas". It can be served as a side dish to roasted duck or goose, or it filled with salty (duck liver) or sweet (poppy, nuts...) filling. The preparation is simple, but the flour will be everywhere in the ...
Tasty potato salad served not just with the fried freshwater carp but also with the sea fishes or with pork schnitzel.
Tasty homemade potato balls stuffed with meat filling.
Serve with fresh vegetable salad or with mash potato.
Dumplings from potato dough prepared with sauerkraut and fried bacon.
Delicate and juicy chicken schnitzels coated in fluffy potato batter. Serve with favorite roasted or crude vegetables.
Recipe for traditional dumplings from potato dough filled with plums. Finish the plum dumplings with the favourite sweet mixture.
Lunch worth of sunday :) Serve with mash potato and vegetable side dish.
Delicious potato pancakes with filling from sauerkraut and filling from meat.
Recipe for preparation of potato dumplings, oven-baked with chicken meat and vegetable.
Baked salmon fillet in a soft potato batter.
Smooth mashed potatoes with delicious vegetable flavour. Serve as a side dish to meat or fish.
Delicious salad from potatoes and vegetable, great with fried cutlet for the hot summer days.
Easy and light salad without mayonaise for both ordinary and special days of holiday.
It does not matter under what name you know it, but what matters is if you like them! And you are not afraid to tuck up your sleeves and prepare this meal. Home- made are the best!
Recipe for tasty and easy lokshe.


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