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Recipe for a favorite apple-cream cheese strudel from puff pastry enriched with dry plums.
Easy recipe for juicy chicken breasts with delicate garlic flavor, baken with cheese.
Excellent sheep cheese soup for the whole family.
Quick and easy to prepare recipe for delicate chicken meat with cream and cheese. Matches with rice, potatoes prepared in different ways and vegetables.
Recipe for homemade rolled dumplings from potato dough, sprinkled with sweet cream cheese.
Slovak sheep cheese cake from puff pastry with flavored filling from sheep cheese and sour cream.
Recipe for filled cream cheese dumplings prepared in the steamer.
Very tasty chicken meat in cheese sauce served with rice mixed with sweet corn.
Delicious salty cookies with delicate flavor of walnuts, spicy cheese and sweet pear.
Easy recipe for preparation of tasty cheese sticks.
Cake from soft buttery dough with cream cheese - poppy seed filling.
Delicious cream with slightly spicy flavor. You can even use some other cheese with blue or green mold instead of Gorgonzola cheese, such as Niva, but grate it first.
Recipe for preparation of easy and quick cutlets enhanced with tasty filling from molded cheese and bacon.
Tasty salty cakes with sheep cheese (bryndza) and spring onion filling.
Creamy pasta with soft cheese sauce and ham strips.
Tasty cake full of nuts and curd cheese. You can enjoy it both in winter and in summer!
Addictive meal with distinctive taste of sheep Pecorino cheese.
Baked cauliflower and spicy taste of blue ćheese, which is similar to French Roquefort cheese.
Salty cheese delicacy mostly prepared at New Year's Eve and for different celebrations.
Recipe for preparing favorite cheese roll.


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