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Popular cream curd Misa slices with a refreshing strawberry flavor.
Sweet dessert from puff pastry with pudding-mascarpone filling and strawberries.
Different recipe for favourite, traditional dessert.
Soft and juicy slices, full of strawberries and cream curd.
Delicious cake from puff pastry with filling from mascarpone and decorated with fresh strawberries.
Tasty slices with healthy seaweed gelatin. Agar is an excellent gelling ingredient, it is tasteless, full of minerals and with a minimum amount of calories per serving per cake. It creates high-quality jelly.
An excellent dessert with soft sponge-biscuits filled with strawberry mixture, soft custard pudding and whipped cream. Ideal for special occasions.
Recipe for sweet puff stack from puff pastry filled with cream of cream cheese, mascarpone and strawberries.
A recipe of delicious strawberry balls, sprinkled with crunchy sweet breadcrumbs and drizzled with butter, has been proven for decades and by hundreds of gourmets.
Easy fresh roll.
Surprise your darling on Valentine's day by baking this easy and delicious vanilla and strawberry cake. It is easy even for beginners. :-)
The sponge base and strawberries covered in jelly create a dessert that refreshes even on the hottest summer days.
Delicious cupcakes from vanilla pastry, decorated with cream from mascarpone and pieces of fresh strawberries.
Refreshing juicy cake with cream curd and strawberries.
strawberry classic.
Dessert with delicious vanilla mascarpone cream, whipped cream and fresh strawberries.
strawberries flavored with cinnamon and other spices with cream and cream curd.
Refreshing summer cake, lightly flavoured with sour cream and with fresh strawberries.

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