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Tasty potato salad served not just with the fried freshwater carp but also with the sea fishes or with pork schnitzel.
Delicious salad from potatoes and vegetable, great with fried cutlet for the hot summer days.
Easy and light salad without mayonaise for both ordinary and special days of holiday.
Tasty, meat-free salad with yoghurt-cheese dressing. You can easily prepare the salad from the rest of the baked potatoes, which were used as a side dish to another dish.
Delicious easy pancakes high in fiber due to added rolled oats. Serve with fresh vegetable salad and tartar sauce.
Tasty lunch or dinner from the forest. As a side dish you can serve mashed potatoes, potato salad or fresh bread.
Light dietary lunch. Serve with mashed potato and vegetable salad.
Delicious ham salad with vegetables, potatoes and mayonnaise :)
Classic chicken schnitzels are served with mash potato, potato salad, rise.... or just with bread and gherkin.
Rich potato lunch prepared per two days :) Serve with vegetable salads, or with a tartar sauce.
Traditional recipe for the legendary mayonnaise salad with salami and root vegetables.
Smooth, butter and honey duck for holiday table. Served with potato salad.
Change the way of preparation and try to prepare fried fish fillets easier and healthier. Its preparation by baking in the oven is too delicious. Serve as usuall with potato salad.

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